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2. Code of conduct
  Article 12-The Correctional Officer Code of Conduct  
12.1 Correctional Officer code of conduct  
  The Correctional Officer code of conduct are ten (10) sworn pledges by which all persons functioning in the position of corrections officer (prison official) shall perform and hold their duties.
  Furthermore, it is expected that all corrections staff shall be thoroughly familiar with these ten pledges as to be able to recite aloud as part of important ceremonial events relating to at least a weekly pledge at a group meeting of corrections staff each week throughout the year.  
12.2 The Ten pledges of the corrections officer code of honor
  The following are the Ten pledges of the Correctional Officer code of honor
  In the presence of my colleagues this day I swear these to be the truths and ideals by which I serve my country and my office:
  1. That I shall perform my duties to the best of my abilities with honor and courage;
  2. That I pledge my allegiance to the Charter of United America and shall do all within my power to protect its sovereignty and integrity;
  3. That I pledge my honor and duty to uphold the memory and never forget the names of those who have been severely injured and fallen in the line of duty;
  4. That I shall always uphold the integrity and independence of the Correctional force;
  5. That I shall executive the duties of my office without fear or favour;
  6. That I shall never allow my personal life, relationships or beliefs to be associated with, or influence in my actions in any matter before me;
  7. That I shall seek to render my actions with care, precision and without delay;
  8. That I shall refrain from extra activities excepting those that seek to enhance the status of law and administration of justice;
  9. That I shall refrain from public and political comment whilst a corrections officer;
  10. That I shall avoid impropriety and the appearance of impropriety;

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